Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nice Bloomers

Since the local arts festival was just a little over a week ago, and because I have attended more plays in the last year than ever, I thought I would post a photo that combined the two themes. This is the cast of a locally written melodrama that was performed at the local arts festival in 1982. And, yes, children, that is moi, third from the right. As soon as I locate my copy of the script I will have more information. Such as, the title of the play and the characters and the names of the actors. I do actually remember five of my castmates names. And that does not include my own. So if you do the math you'll see that only two names elude me at the moment. Oddly, I do remember the character's names that they played, Warren Peace and Sam the Pie Man. I also remember that at the last minute the character name of the preacher had to be changed from Reverend Crabtree to something else that I don't remember, because the minister conducting the nondenominational service on the Sunday morning of the festival actually was Rev. Crabtree. I also remember learning that it is of the utmost importance to exhale with gusto when a pie hits you in the face. All in all, a highly glamorous experience.


Li'l Sister said...

The fellow standing next to you wearing a bow tie and vest looks familiar.
Do you remember his name?

Bellona of Avalon said...

Gary Gass. He was in PRT and bartended at the Ram Pub. We were in two other community theater plays where we were cast opposite each other.