Sunday, July 21, 2013

JazzFest 2013 Edition


Even if I had something better to do, which is unlikely, I'd head for JazzFest anyway. On a sunny and gorgeous Saturday what could possibly be better than music and an outdoor venue? Okay, there was some shopping and cocktails enhanced by air conditioning in the middle of the afternoon, but from noon to midnight it was music, beverages, good friends and the great outdoors. Kicking off with the Hegg Brothers Band featuring Allison Nash and finishing up with a rocking Miss Sheryl Crow at ten a good time was had in the parrot section of Yankton Trail Park. Probably in the entire park, but I can only speak for my section. Which was decorated by a colorful light-up parrot on a stick. Between the parrot and my pink chair it was easy finding our way back from beverage and food procurement and those blue plastic outhouses. Filling out the schedule in between were Mingo Fishtrap, BeauSoleil and Doyle Bramhall II. I can also say that this is a quite glorious day after with no hangover, no mosquito bites and no sunburn. All in all, this has been a most excellent birthday month. And I still have not just one but two bottles of bubbly in the refrigerator. Life is good.

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