Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finding Your Roots

Jill has found a perfectly ingenious way to accomplish a little yard clean-up. Last month straight-line winds took out a swath of trees in Spearfish Canyon. Many of them were old growth pines, including a 110 year old behemoth that stood in her yard. What remains is an upturned stump with a plethora of exposed roots in the middle of a enormous ravaged area. She encourages all visitors to choose and remove the chunk of root mass that suits their fancy! This should only take about forty years or so to clear the entire space. If Jill turns out to be that patient. I'm guessing not, that the rock garden/yard swing knoll will be created sometime yet this summer on the spot where the gigantic pine once was. My chosen chunk of root is in the photo above, lending a rustic air to the south deck. Looks kind of like a gnarly headless Halloween cowboy on a pogo stick. All he needs is a hat. To compensate for his lack of a head. My work here is done.

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