Thursday, July 18, 2013

Call Me Mrs. Warburton

Why, you may be asking yourself. It seems that Reid has totally nailed impersonating Patrick Warburton's voice. Truly. And since I'm Reid's mother, well, it just follows. And he uses it frequently in casual conversation. Which kind of wigs me out if he is not in view. Like the Tick or High Five Puddy from Seinfeld is in the room. Physically there is no resemblance except for their height, and as I am aware of this fact, the voice emanating from well above my own head lends a wacky bit of authenticity. Someone, please, hire my son as a voice actor. He can impersonate many famous voices as well as possesses the ability to speak in a number of accents and dialects. From schlocky to authentic, that's my boy. I'm so proud.

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