Friday, June 7, 2013

The Case of the Pineapple Shirt

Behold the pineapple shirt. Bow before it! Feel its power! But be more impressed by how it came into my possession. Last Saturday night Tami and Holly and I were out having an adult beverage at the Old Market. There was a man at the bar wearing the pineapple shirt, which is something of an odd combination of the classic Hawaiian print shirt and a polo shirt. The colorfully printed rayon fabric makes it classic, the button placket and knit collar make it a close relative of the polo/golf shirt. The patrons in the bar were pretty evenly split as to how we regarded this shirt. Meanwhile, we made acquaintance with Lisa. And discovered her super hero special ability. As the man in the pineapple shirt was leaving, Lisa commanded him to remove the shirt and give it to her. Clearly, Lisa was with me in liking the shirt. He turned around, pulled off the shirt, swung it around in the air a couple of times and tossed it to her. She put it on. We agreed that it smelled pleasant. All the women present were in agreement on one other thing. This guy looked great without his shirt. Just buff enough without looking as though he lived to work out. Later on Lisa gave me the shirt. I protested, said that she had earned it and it should remain in her possession. She insisted that I take it, but I feel as though I'm more of a custodian than owner and I will pass it on at some point. This may become some sort of sisterhood of the traveling shirt. Maybe it harbors magical powers. If it does, all I have to say is, I hope they were laundry-proof. 

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