Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Outdoor Adventures

I'd apologize for bombarding y'all with poetry this week, but hey, you showed up anyway. The following are poems that I wrote in 2004 and 2006. The first one I was reminded of when I took my first walk of the season through McCrory Gardens last Friday with Liz and Tami. The second I was reminded of while mowing the lawn this morning. Mother Nature as an inspiration for writing. I wish I could claim being the first to have come up with it. But seriously, even I am not quite that old.

Wish You Were Here

This broad expanse
Of barefoot grass
I walk at dusk alone.
Pausing inside our sacred space,
I feel a sensual, spiritual trace
We left behind, before.
My sandals in hand,
Soft footfalls land
In silence resilient and calm.
Tactile memories
Reside upon the breeze,
Our love an offering,
Given, seized.
The meadow goddess smiles, appeased.
Our pleasure is hers,
The grass, the trees.

The Resiliency of The Grass

Three pulls
And the engine leaps to life
Isolated by the noise
And the softness of the turf
I am walled off from the world
Save for the breeze
And the bright green smell
The grass is resilient, patient, alive
She tolerates the sun and weather
Springs back from our footfalls
Creeps stealthily into the garden space
Survives this whirring blade of steel
That keeps her height in check
By midsummer I'll grow weary of this task
Yet remain grateful
That she shrugs off the winter
With such ease and confidence

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