Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lingering in LesboLand

Holy cow, last night I had this freaky dream. I know, I know, I often have freaky dreams. This should no longer surprise me. But this was truly freaky. Just one bit of information will be helpful. I have just finished watching the Showtime series The L Word. Which, once I became accustomed to women tearing one another's clothing off and writhing about naked, I really enjoyed. Just another nighttime soapy drama, but populated with interesting story lines and boasting a number of excellent actresses. They also swear a lot which makes me feel right at home. So. In my dream I'm perusing Facebook and am being bombarded by friend requests. From the characters on The L Word. They want to be friends with me so I accept their offers. And each time I click on accept, the screen morphs more and more into Alice's chart and looks less and less like Facebook. And my name is on the chart! Now I feel the need to confess. I'm not attracted to women. But I enjoyed, if only until I awakened, feeling as if I had been accepted into this fold of horny, booze-swilling, well-dressed, potty-mouthed, overly caffeinated lesbians. It was fun while it lasted.

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