Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday Night, Part II

May I introduce the Hegg Brothers, Jeremy and Jon. Providing entertainment whilst Andrea and I enjoyed food and drink. The lovely Moya is lounging under the tree at left waiting for her solo. 

Mom Nature was trying really hard to stir up a tempest and gather some menacing clouds to rain on us. She mostly failed. I felt six or seven drops, but Andrea claims I was hallucinating precipitation. There's a very clever portmanteau waiting to be discovered between those two words. 

Another sky view. I'm pretty sure that Andrea took a dorky pic of me while I was leaning back and aiming up into the air to capture this. I also did not fall out of my chair. Not falling out of one's chair in a public place while operating your camera is always good. I recommend it.


AndiBean said...

True! In fact, I received said dorky pic of you while you were leaning back and aiming up to the air to capture the mystical precipitation! It cracked me up :)

Bellona of Avalon said...

And for the last three of you who read my blog but have never met me and have this idea that I might be way cool and possibly even fabulous, your image of me has now been dashed to pieces!