Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ahhhhh, Spring

So many blooms on the lilac bushes this year! I've never seen them laden with this many blossoms.

My sort of boring but reliable pots of geraniums in shades of pink plus my fave gerbera daisies. 

Vladimir contemplating the why and wherefore of it all. A little reminiscent of Ferdinand sitting just quietly among the flowers.

A fresh coat of bright pink paint on my flamingo planter. It was easier than attempting to feed him shrimp. Also cheaper.

This is the side my neighbors are fortunate enough to view. Mmmmmmm. Breathe. Just breathe.

I'm hoping for just one more open windows weather night while these lovelies last. Certainly I will take more if they are offered. It's a little bit of heaven on Earth to revel in their intoxicating fragrance all night long.

This showy deck pot is full of plants that moi, Miss Brownthumbs, actually kept alive over the winter in the south facing basement window. The ferns survived not just one but two winters of my sketchy care. Be impressed. Be very impressed. Maybe more with the ferns than with me.

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