Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello, I'm Still Here

Have I really been gone for almost four days? Really, I'm fine. Mostly fine. I am at day 2 and 3/5 of the nastiest three day cold I have ever experienced. Which means by evening I will be in fine form again. I have been in something of a Sudafed haze for most of that time. Bleah. Attended the best wedding ever last Saturday. More on that later. Also in the midst of preparations for the annual spring rummage sale with Karen to start Friday. Which accomplishes two good things. Clears out accumulated stuff whilst magically transmogrifying it into cash and forces me to clean up the garage. With the exception of Monday, it has been cool and drizzly all week. Which has turned out to be helpful. Dusty and dirty items for the rummage sale that were pulled from the dark recesses of the basement and garage have been out on the deck getting a good washing courtesy of Mom Nature. By tomorrow morning I'll just dry them off and affix price tags. Despite the cold outdoor temps I am stubbornly refusing to run the furnace. For the love of those New! Hershey's chocolate almond candies with the M&M-like shell, it's May 9th! By rights I should be slathering on the SPF 60 and enjoying a hammock nap in the afternoon! 

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