Friday, May 24, 2013


My neighbor hath fouleth my compost. With his grass clippings. For crying out louder than necessary! This is not only bad manners, it's bad composting! If I wanted grass clippings in the compost I would be putting them there myself! But I don't bag when I mow, I have a mulching mower and let the finely chopped clippings lie. Too much nitrogen and too packed down. This does not make for a good soil amending final product. The compost smells nasty. When done properly, as I make every effort toward, the chemical and acid balance enhances the stink-free breakdown of the mix of yard and kitchen waste. Which I am keeping out of the landfill. You're quite welcome. It also must be turned or stirred for aeration and be adequately watered. In an effort to resolve this situation, I have knocked at said neighbor's door twice. Not finding him at home, or maybe just not in a door-answering mood, this morning I left a note taped to his patio door. I noticed about half an hour ago that the note was gone. I haven't checked the compost as yet, it is out of sight on the south side of the garden shed. So I don't know if he has cleared out his smelly grass clippings. I do know this. If he was a decent fellow, he would have asked before dumping. 

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