Monday, April 1, 2013


West Wing Withdrawal. It's what I'm going through. Last evening, with only the last three episodes of season seven left to watch, I parked my butt in my big comfy chair and settled in for a West Wing marathon. Those crazy staffers of President Josiah Bartlet's administration. I miss them. They are in my head. Walking and talking. Being so darn clever. Persevering through national crises and messy love lives. And all the while dressing snappier than anyone who appears to never get any sleep really deserves. Am I the only one who wants a WW movie?


Crazy said...

I miss the rants and wit from earlier seasons, but the last 2-3 were somewhat subpar. Still some golden moments but maybe it was just getting tiring watching the never-ending political grind, for me.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Definite letdown when Aaron Sorkin wasn't writing the show anymore. At least by that time the characters were established and played by such effing good actors. Him leaving could have been the end if not for that.

Somehow the political grind was never front and center for me. Just backdrop for these very interesting and complex people to interact with.