Saturday, April 6, 2013

To The Owners

Of the long-haired black cat. Or more correctly, the keepers of the long-haired black cat. Because as we all well know, cats are not owned, they have staff who care for their needs and wishes. Who likely live in the neighborhood. This is not a stray. It is a very well kept long-haired cat with a collar! Who at the inconvenient hour of two this morning was comfortably seated on the table on my front deck. Which is positioned directly below the large window in my living room. Directly opposite, indoors, was Einstein. Perched upon the upper corner of the couch. In a manic state of growling feline hiss-teria. Which most rudely and abruptly roused me from sleep. Resulting in a slightly cranky me this morning as I never did achieve neither a pleasing nor lengthy state of slumber for the remainder of the night. Attention nearby cat keepers! Please. In the future, keep your cat indoors overnight. For your pet's safety and my peace of mind. Thank you. And I apologize. Because I hoped this might develop into at least a mildly amusing post. Like I said, I'm slightly cranky as well as sleep deprived. With any luck and perhaps a nap, I'll be clever later on today. Carry on.

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