Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Icebox Croaketh

I think the refrigerator may be dying. I find this most troublesome. Especially after dawdling about in Lowe's while my paint samples were getting mixed and casually strolled down the aisle marked clearance appliances. And saw a refrigerator marked down to the clearance price of $1100. I am of the opinion that the Lowe's people use the word clearance loosely. A true clearance priced refrigerator should be more in the $500 ballpark. And unlike my computer dying incident in January I was not feeling the least bit smug about being under budget for the month. I was breathing a sigh of relief that I was going to weather property tax plus car and homeowner's insurance month without having to auction off a cat or a child. I can't remember how old this food cooling unit is. I'm thinking it was five or so during the major kitchen remodel that was completed in December of 2001. Which, if I was to do the math, would make it over fifteen years old. Which means its number was up pretty much any day now. I so would never have cleaned the lint off the top two months ago if I thought this might happen. 


AndiBean said...

We got my nice, roomy fridge for about $400 from Best Buy in November of 2011. I can check on prices for you this weekend?

Bellona of Avalon said...

Found my current fridge style for not much more than I paid 16 years ago! At Lowe's with 6 months interest free! It seems refrigerators have gone very upscale, leaving my preferred model reasonably priced.

But thanks for thinking of me!

Plus, Lowe's is local so free delivery, set up and they haul away the old one.