Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Great Fridge Shuffle

1. Returned to Facebook today. Sara noticed I had been gone. Bless her heart.

2. Engaged in the great fridge shuffle yesterday. Between the small refrigerator in the basement and Michael's former dorm fridge, which was hauled in from the garage, everything is cool.

3. I still open the dead fridge's door when working in the kitchen.

4. And stand there like an idiot staring at the gleaming emptiness until I remember that it is no longer chilling.

5. While cleaning out the dead fridge, I found what I think was half a lime in another life.  

6. For a day or so prior to the great fridge shuffle, the food was in baskets on the back steps in the garage. At certain times of the year the garage makes an excellent walk-in refrigerator.

7. Between the fridge dying and the demise of my computer, we have a total of two major appliance failures. 

8. Referring to item 7, is it really necessary for this sort of thing to arrive in threes? I would be in favor of stopping at two. Seriously.

9. With refrigerators evolving into ever higher levels of fanciness and features, I was relieved to find my relatively stripped down freezer-on-the-bottom model only slightly more costly than fifteen years ago. 

10. I must admit I would love to have an ice maker but lack the necessary plumbing to make that possible. So I suffer from ice maker envy. It's a mild case. I'll be fine.

11. If you're feeling sharp today, you may have noticed that item 1 has nothing to do with shuffling fridges about. 

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