Sunday, April 21, 2013

New & Improved!

Once again Facebook has revamped the wall! Or, as it is now called, your timeline. Unlike earlier improvements, and I use that word loosely, this update actually improves the look of the page. Personal info is now located on the left side of the page while your posts are neatly arranged to the right. I have been warned to avoid using the new emoticon option when prompted in the what's on your mind box. Because, in addition to being evil disguised as cute, it will clue in those people behind the curtain as to how to customize advertising so it will be more likely to appeal to you! Luckily I have employed an ad blocking widget courtesy of Google Chrome so I don't see any of the ads anyway. Listen up, Facebook, no matter how adorable and clever those emoticons are I'm not playing along! You have enough details of my life already! And you can't make me declare a relationship status! Even though you ask me about it every single time I click over to my wall! I mean timeline! Pardon my protest. I don't know precisely why I don't want to comply with this request. Probably because people who are my friends already know this fun fact about me. And because I don't wish to use Facebook as a stealth dating service. Though now I'm thinking it might be fun to make up a fake boyfriend profile. But that would likely entail more effort than actually having a medium-maintenance level boyfriend. I'd have to send myself flowers and buy my own chocolate and jewelry to lend an air of authenticity. Wait. I already do that stuff. Well, I don't actually send myself flowers. That would be weird. Even for me. I do, however, remain committed to no response to fancy emoticons and no declaration of relationship status. Hey, a girl's got to have a tiny little air of mystery about her.

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