Sunday, April 14, 2013

Neither Brain Science Nor Rocket Surgery

1. Today is clearly a list day. If for no other reason than I am feeling a quart low. Perhaps on brain cells.

2. Last night was the 7th annual Jazz Crawl in Sioux Falls. 

3. I am happy to report that even though several adult beverages were consumed that I walked, not crawled, from venue to venue.

4. I am also pleased to announce that Liz and I made it home safely despite the final twelve miles of I29 that were covered in rutted slushy slipperiness.

5. Item number 4 likely was accomplished thanks to that engineering feat known as all wheel drive. Also due to the fact that I had the presence of mind to slow down to 40 mph. After being alerted to the conditions by lots of flashing lights on emergency vehicles that were tending to the numerous cars in the ditch and median. I did not wish to join their little party.

6. Referring to item 1, I'm certain there are many, many idioms that might very well describe my current state of bordering on idiocy. I would look some up and post them here. But I'm too stupid for that sort of thing at the moment.

7. Reid and I had a conversation about multitasking, which took place in WalMart while I was pushing the cart. So technically I was actually multitasking at the very moment while we were discussing that very thing.

8. I pointed out to him that women are better at multitasking than men due to the female brain's physiology. The corpus callosum, that bundle of neural fibers that connects the two halves of the brain, is larger in the female of our species.

9. Item 8 would indicate that this is an area where size, indeed, does matter.

10. I must also point out that I am fully aware that the size discrepancy made mention of in item 8 has been long and widely disputed. But I vow to continue to perpetuate this quasi-myth for no other reason than I enjoy saying corpus callosum. It sounds mildly inappropriate and scholarly at the same time. 


AndiBean said...

I'm glad to hear that you two made it home without any serious trouble. I would have been happy to have you at the house!!

Bellona of Avalon said...

If the nasty stuff had started closer to SF we would have happily turned around! It was that last 12 miles that sucked! We were so close to home by then we could see the lights of Brookings as well as the emergency lights on and off the road. Loves my Subaru!