Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I had some urges today. I considered some redecorating in the guest bedroom. I could have gleaned some potential rummage sale items but ultimately decided to not do it. The money, time and effort that would have been expended are not in any of the previously mentioned budgets. I also considered baking chocolate chip cookies. But we had no chocolate chips. It's just not right to bake something when the title ingredient is missing. I did clean my bathroom. And make the necessary phone call to the ortho doc. And made bacon-avocado-sharp cheddar cheeseburgers garnished with carmelized onions and mushrooms for supper. And washed and dried several loads of laundry. And made a quick shopping trip with no list so naturally I forgot to get chocolate chips. So there are no cookies tonight. Hmm. I'm not nearly as lethargic as I thought. Oh, yes, I also made my bed. And I'm wondering why other people on the block and across the street have the new recycling containers and I do not as yet have one. And speaking of the city, it's the second day of the month and I don't have my municipal utilities bill. Maybe they'll deliver it inside my recycling container. Where I won't notice it and then I'll inadvertently recycle it without paying it and get my phone, internet and electricity and water cut off. Well. There's nothing lethargic about my GITTWCSR*.

*Go Immediately To The Worst Case Scenario Reflex 

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