Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here Again

In this odd confabulation we refer to as life, I have discovered that we arrive at a point precisely when we get there. Not one second before or after. But when we do. There's no point in agonizing about wasted time or squandered opportunities. It's a process. Here is where we are. And sometimes it's a celebration of an extraordinary way to be in the moment and appreciate it for what it is. Pardon me, but I'm feeling jubilant and wanted to share the joy. Please. I've only had one glass of wine. Which is likely why I am able to type rather fluently and accurately. But this precise blood alcohol level is difficult to maintain for any length of time so I am endeavoring to be brief. And I wonder if I used the royal or editorial we in the first sentence. Because even when I look it up it doesn't stick with me. No matter. I'm here and it's good and I feel as if I've reclaimed a part of me that had momentarily slipped away. Happiness. It can be elusive at times. Grab it and revel in it when it's here because it could just as easily be absent. Go! Revel! Now! Really. I insist.   

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