Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bustle in My Hedgerow

When I did sleep last night, between all the cat-erwauling, I experienced this very detailed dream. Most nights I do dream, and, yes, in color, but sometimes the dream feels so real and is so overloaded with symbols it hangs with me upon waking. It felt as though it happened in slow motion and took a very long time but probably took only seconds to transpire. While I don't place a great deal of significance on dreams and what they might represent, I do believe that dreams can often be a way of the subconscious mind working through problems or puzzlements that we grapple with during waking hours. One reason the dream felt so much like reality was the fact its setting was the very location and activity I was engaged in at the time. My bed with me asleep in it. The room was half-lit with moonlight through the window. I was awakened by a tap at the window and sat up partway to see a large black bird on the outer windowsill. It somehow slipped through the glass and flew over to my bed where it lighted down near me and cocked its head over to one side and then began to smooth its feathers with its beak. As the bird groomed itself, it gradually morphed into my cat Einstein. When I reached out to pet him he disappeared. I then woke up and was sitting up with my left hand reaching out. I was a bit surprised that there was no cat there! After some online research of the many symbols in this dream, it was interesting to see how relevant the interpretations were to my current life. My brain. Working things out while I sleep. Or maybe just spring cleaning. You know, for the May Queen. A list of interpretations follows.

* Message from my subconscious to my waking self
* Death of a person or relationship or the end of a cycle
* Lack of motivation
* Jealously, lust, temptation
* Sudden and rapid changes in personal life
* Independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, power
* Sign that I should trust my intuition
* Discovery of intimate self and hidden sexuality in myself or another
* Security, restoration of peace of mind
* Search for domestic bliss and contentment
* Secrets will be revealed
* New beginnings
* Bright hopes, vast possibilities, insight
* Good opportunities ahead
* Hope, love, warmth, affection 

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