Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brain Music

I woke up with this song echoing around in my head. I am not averse to it in a general way. It's quite bouncy and fun. But when it's only the jangly mid-song instrumental part I can assure you it is most annoying. There is an ill wind blowing outside. And big, fat snowflakes are falling to join the several inches of white stuff already blanketing the ground. It is my theory that Seaside Rendezvous is my subconscious mind's way of informing me that it is just as sick and tired of winter as the rest of me. For crying out louder than necessary, it's past the middle of April!! I'll be under the dining room table if you're looking for me. Curled up in fetal position clutching the bottle of Jag that is still lurking in the freezer. I'll see you when spring finally arrives.

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