Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Weeks, Three Days

1. As the title indicates, I have been Facebook free for three weeks and this is the third day of the fourth week. 

2. Withdrawal symptoms from this Facebook free interlude have completely subsided.

3. Considering item 2, I suppose I could go back any time I want to. That is, if I want to.

4. I played foosball for the very first time on Friday night. 

5. I was pretty good at foosball.

6. Further consideration of item 5 means I had consumed some alcohol. Enough so my hands felt normal.

7. I swiped a Kyle Knutson poster on my way out of the Old Market. 

8. Referring to item 7, it's not like they were going to reuse them, they were dated, for heaven's sake, so I felt a certain duty in taking one home with me.

9. Yes, since you asked, I do have a collection of swiped posters.

10. And yes again as to whether any of them are autographed.

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