Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pain Management

I'm pretty sure I have bruised cartilage in the area of my right lower ribs. I remember what this feels like from the time when I crashed on my bike when I was twelve or so and took the handlebars in the ribs. Though this time it's the result of my nasty cough. It hurts. To cough. Laugh. Sneeze. If I have enough warning that any of these things is about to occur, I have found that hugging my right thigh firmly against my rib cage and abdomen almost completely alleviates the pain. I am grateful for the degree of flexibility I possess that makes this work. Although I feel a little silly for dropping into what looks like an obscure yoga position for no ascertainable reason at a moment's notice. Not to outdo my dear mother, who actually broke a rib from severe coughing. This happened about thirty years ago when she was suffering from a bronchial infection that was on the verge of pneumonia. I'm not sure, but she may have quit smoking for a couple of days. I'm pretty certain that Jack Daniels was part of her pain management tool kit. I've never had a problem with medicinally purposed substances that also possess entertainment value. Pardon me while I check the tequila supply.

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