Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Tonsils, Please

How can I possibly dislike spam when Anonymous wishes me a very awesome holiday penis advantage Saturday or Sunday. I have no idea what this means but I must say I am mostly supportive of what sounds like a pleasant yet decadent activity that involves a holiday, the weekend and a penis. With any luck the penis is attached to someone I am attracted to as well as like. No others need apply. Advantage goes to the man who shows up with pastry. Preferably an orange scone (ala Panera), chocolate croissant or pie. If the pie is sour cream raisin you will be immediately disqualified. This is much too much to process before breakfast.

Just for clarification, what follows is the entirety of the comment left on yesterday's post, sans links. And for those of you who are not up on your German, lesezeichen means bookmark.  

Thanks for the wonderful submitting! I must say i loved analyzing it all, tonsil stone you can be a fantastic publisher.I most certainly will don't forget to lesezeichen your web blog Satellite direct and can regularly come home sometime soon. I'd like to support anyone continue your personal awesome threads, have a very awesome holiday penis advantage saturday or sunday!

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