Sunday, March 24, 2013


Okay, so Ty, Inc didn't actually name her after me. But it would seem that my whining over having no one or anything cool bearing my name, often not even a souvenir keychain, filtered down into some creative person's psyche. Because here she is, teenie Beanie Bopper Caring Carla. I've had her for at least ten years, her tiny heart shaped tag says her birthday is October 10 but no year is divulged. As far as I'm concerned, they didn't get her hair color correct. I never have been nor ever likely shall be a blonde. But they did get the wacky curls right, of this I most heartily approve. I did do a little body modification on her right away, though. I pierced her ears. Three on the left and two on the right, just like moi. I do like that she's wearing pink. And that she's clearly a star. Caring Carla. Reminding me that I don't have to be the jaded lady all the time. Definitely some of the time. But not all. One more thing. No freaking way am I a Libra.

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