Wednesday, March 6, 2013

iWant My iTunes

I dropped off my old mostly dead laptop with the professional geeks once again last week. Because I couldn't locate my iTunes library amongst the information gleaned from my hard drive, now downloaded to an external hard drive for my convenience. I really hope it's there. Because I have about five billion cd's uploaded into it. And I simply do not have the patience to accomplish that particular task again. At least not tonight I don't. So let's hope that bright and early tomorrow morning when I plug in that cute little gadget that I find my iTunes rather than merely the desktop icon that was a link to it. But if I must reconstruct the darn thing, I suppose that's what I could be doing with the hour I'm not on Facebook every day. You'd think I would learn that if gleeful feelings in January over being under budget led to expensive computer fixes that maybe being smug over gaining some time every day while absent from Facebook might just lead to repeating a time sucking task screaming at me to be accomplished. Well! Screw losing this last seven pounds so I'll look fabulous in my Liz Claiborne Petites sundress I want to wear for that wedding the first week in May! I'll be eating cookies. Thank you.

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