Saturday, February 2, 2013

Making Things

I used to have one of these. My plastigoop creations never looked quite as fab as the ones on the cover of the box. But it was, just like the name says, fun. I think my favorite thing was the steamy hiss that ensued when I removed the mold from the little cooker device and dropped it into the plastic tray full of water. Ssssssss! Then peeling the flower or bug from its cavity and delighting in how it looked and smelled and felt squeaky between my fingers. I don't remember precisely how old I was when I received it either for my birthday or Christmas. Probably ten or so. I do remember having it long enough that I saved up my allowance in order to purchase more plastigoop so I could make more colorful flowery thingys. Nothing remains among the salvaged and saved playthings of my childhood of this particular toy. What reminded me of it is a lovely bracelet in pinks and browns that Linda made. It occurred to me that she is doing a grownup version of the Thingmaker with her polymer clay creations. If she had Fun Flowers as a child, I bet she made the coolest stuff with it.

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