Sunday, February 24, 2013


It has been one of those weeks. As in exhausting. As in roller-coaster. As in, loaded with so very many highs and lows that still require processing. Let's get the lows out of the way first, shall we? Last Sunday was my brother Cullen's birthday. May 14th will mark four years since his death, but it's getting easier. For the first time his birthday felt more like a celebration of his life and who he was than a reminder that he is no longer alive. A second exercise in acceptance and letting go arrived on Monday with my wedding anniversary. While the failure of my marriage remains an enormous source of regret to me, for the most part I have done the work and healed and moved on. Evidence of this was clear when my mother-in-law passed last Fall. At her funeral I was accepted back into the fold of my former extended family. It seems that loss reminds us to make peace with the living while we can. Finding myself happier and more content single than I had been for the last ten years of my marriage is confirmation for me that splitting was the right thing to do. Tuesday brought the inevitable third downer. After months of agonizing I un-friended and blocked a real-world friend on Facebook. Not necessarily forever but for the time being. And not to punish her, but to preserve my own sanity. Further contemplation has me taking a (v)Fa(cebook)cation for an as yet undetermined period of time as of yesterday afternoon. What had been a fun though time devouring activity had taken on an air of trespass and aggravation due to the actions of this friend. I'll be back, likely sooner than later, and until then you know where to find me. That is, if you're truly special you do. On to the good! Thursday brought Science at the Pub, a geeky once per month evening loaded with knowledge accompanied by adult beverages. This time we learned about the use and history of concrete in construction. Always fun! For the people as well as the educational opportunity. Win/win, if you ask me. Followed by two nights of most excellent music! Friday at the Old Market with new friends and old, reconnections and new connections while we were serenaded by Chris Champion. Last night was girls' night out in the company of Liz, Tami and Jill. We piled into the Outback, our destination being a convenience store in Egan, SD. Really. An unlikely venue featuring live music, terrific pizza, Jackrabbit basketball on the bigscreen and booze. Hours in the company of my wonderful, smart, funny and gorgeous girlfriends and the Gary & Larry show. I did learn one very important thing. Maintain a dubious mindset when Jill says trust me. Particularly if these words are followed by her evil yet infectious laugh. Winding up this carnival ride week on a high note was a very, very good thing.


LindaCO said...

Lots of weird energy the last week or so. Glad yours ended on an up.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Me, too!

I'm grateful for the loving energy from so many friends that gets me through weeks like this.