Sunday, January 27, 2013

Två Volvos

What are the odds, I ask you, what could the odds possibly be that I would watch two movies in a row where the main character drives a Volvo station wagon? You do the math because I just am not up for compiling all the statistics necessary for such a calculation. To make this even more mind blowing the actors playing these guys who drive a Volvo station wagon are both named Michael. Oh, and they are both tortured souls. For very different reasons. If you happen to have an unfulfilled dream about making a movie, I would suggest coming up with a plot involving an anguished sort of guy who drives a Volvo station wagon. Then hire an actor named Michael to play him. Piece of cake. I won't ask for a percentage of the profits when it's a big hit. All I want is a tiny credit that no one will remain in the theater to read. One of those thanks to kind of things. You're welcome. 

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