Monday, January 28, 2013

Intervention, Take II

I neglected to consider how tiny my world is. It started out as a simple question of semantics that was running around in my head, as in, when is an intervention not an intervention, do a minimum number of people have to participate? Is it a quorum or a simple majority thing? Must the people who host the intervention provide refreshments? With that irreverent start the post evolved into something very different, as writing often does. That said, no bombs were dropped here. It was never my intention to out her or to publish a laundry list of her transgressions. Every point has been discussed with the person in question. Only a handful of people will know who she is, and those few have an awareness of the issue or have witnessed it firsthand. I realize the delicate nature of this subject and do not take it lightly. The post in question, from my point of view, turned out to be my way of struggling through where my responsibilities lay with this friend. The conclusion I came to was that we need to talk about this elephant in the room one more time. Effectively and without judgement. We will see each other this week and with any luck our friendship will survive this considerable bump. As always, I appreciate the comments. Your opinions in this case prompted me to further thought that I felt warranted a second post.

1-29-2013 -- Another thought that I neglected to include in this post...I had arrived at the point where I was aware that anything I had done had made little or no difference. The time had come when I needed to set some boundaries for my own peace of mind. If I don't feel clear and centered and strong I'm not much good to anyone, including myself.

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