Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm Not Anal Dept.

Beth Jarrett could not have been more wrong when she emphatically stated that you can't save French toast. While she was mercilessly jamming several still-warm-from-the-griddle slices down the garbage disposal, mind you. There is a reliable method for reheating it which is why I have a fear not attitude when preparing a gargantuan batch. The trick is heating it thoroughly as well as reproducing the crispy exterior. First, you must microwave it minimally, just enough to warm the tender interior. Then toast it minimally as well in order to crisp up the outside. I can't give you time recommendations, you yourself are going to have to experiment with your appliances to achieve these results. I know you are capable of this so no whining. And, no, I don't measure the slices because I'm some sort of anal Martha Stewart clone desirous of turning out pieces of uniform perfection. I just got tired of digging stuck pieces of French toast out of the toaster. Which is particularly difficult if you're not quite awake and your blood sugar is crashing. You may show poor judgement and forget to unplug the toaster and use a metal fork. I don't recommend this practice. Although I'm pretty certain you'll be so wide awake you won't require coffee.

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