Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, Day Two

1. Still putting away Christmas decorations.

2. It's taking me so long this time because I'm not merely putting them away, I'm going through all the boxes. I have made a major executive decision to keep only the stuff that I really love. I hope to pare down the current volume by half. And then properly sort and bubble wrap the remainder. 

3. I am happy to report this process is actually going quite well.

4. The West Wing has finally shown up on Netflix!! This makes me so happy I've added it to my instant queue five times.

5. I made the best soup for supper tonight. A variation on my classic creamy ham and potato, with smoked sausage standing in for the ham. Because I didn't have ham, I had smoked sausage. Which is fortunate because Reid doesn't like ham.

6. About item #4. You can only add a movie or series to your instant queue one time. Unless you remove it, then you could add it again. Saying I added The West Wing five times was an indication of how enthusiastic I am about the show.

7. The new calendar in the kitchen has dazzling photos from the Hubble Space Telescope. It also has interesting astronomy and space trivia and events noted on several days each month. Were you aware that on this day in 1959 that the USSR launched Luna 1, the first man-made satellite to orbit the sun? Don't you wonder why they named something after the moon when it was made to orbit the sun? I do. 

8. In reference to item #5, it's not entirely accurate to say that there was no ham in the house. Because there was. But it was the lunch meat sort of very thin sliced ham that wouldn't be suitable for soup-making purposes.

9. Packing away the Christmas decorations is also being slowed due to my being occasionally distracted by the jigsaw puzzle that is currently occupying the dining room table.

10. Newton and Einstein are still ignoring the Victorian ball ornaments on the coffee table. Are they rendered less interesting because they aren't dangling? I mean, it's not like they actually move unless they bat at them in the first place even when they are hanging on the tree. I swear they are doing this to annoy me.

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