Friday, December 7, 2012

Today, Inside

When preparing for indoor holiday decorating, it is first important to choose the right coffee mug. In honor of the first significant snow of the season I chose a classic dark blue decorated with snowflakes.

Little birds tucked into the greenery above the dining room table.

I have an entire room devoted to snowmen. Okay, it's not a really big room. Okay, it's an entryway. This view takes in about 75% of them.

This guy gets his own little nook with a tree and blue lights. To the left is my Christmas cactus which is sporting a dozen or so buds.

Yes, I have a tree on top of my refrigerator. A pink one. Don't you?

Table top in the guest bedroom that appears to have a green checks theme.

The biggest tree, in the living room. Featuring a window reflection as well as the lights from across the street.

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