Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Piece of Cake

Sleigh Ride is popular song this time of year. And there is something about it that perplexes me. When those jolly sleigh riding folks experience that perfect ending to their perfect day at Farmer Gray's to celebrate a birthday, why, I ask you, do they proceed to pass around pumpkin pie with the coffee? This is blasphemy! Where the hell is the birthday cake? Hmmm? I am well aware that this isn't a Christmas-specific song, sometimes it is performed with the word Christmas preceding the word party rather than birthday. Even though overall it seems more Thanksgivingish than Christmaslike. It's one of those draftee sort of songs. Right up there with other mysterious imports like Joni Mitchell's River, which mentions Christmas but is about giving up her infant daughter for adoption. Now that's a toe-tapper. And why on Earth is My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music a holiday staple? Actually, I'm not a strict traditionalist concerning this time of year. How and why and what you celebrate is fine with me. The Winter Solstice belongs to all with its myriad mix of music, food and customs. Just don't mess with my birthday cake.

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