Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 4

Still spending more time horizontal than upright. Less time in the bathroom at greater intervals between visits. I discovered yesterday that my tummy was not quite ready for exotic food such as toast with peanut butter. Started out with a smoothie today, a much better choice. I did get out of the house yesterday for my hair appointment with Amelia. You just don't shirk a haircut, even when you're under the weather. Plus she does this terrific scalp/neck/shoulder massage that was therapeutic as well as enjoyable. So it would seem that even if I don't survive this miserable bout of tummy business, at least my hair will look fabulous. Newton and Einstein are still close at hand. I'm clad in my black and red penguin jammies today. The penguins are wearing assorted items of cold weather gear in pink. Hats and scarves mostly, but some are wearing short, cape-like thingys. I feel like I should know the correct term for that particular garment but can't resurrect it from the dark corners of my brain. And, no, I'm not hallucinating, I'm describing my pajama pants. Yesterday I filled up my car with gas. And for the first time in my life, I spent more at the salon than I did at the pump. Which I expect says something about the relativity of gas prices or frugality or that I'm actually a low maintenance type of girl who occasionally splurges on an Aveda product. It looks like a bright, frosty winter day out my window. One that I will likely not experience directly. If I'm stuck inside with a still upset tummy, at least I have cat company and a son who brings me tea. And the interwebs. Not to mention a fab haircut. 

12/22/12 -- There is a word! And that word, describing a short cape, is mantelet or mantilla. Which hit its peak in fashion popularity in 1957. The year I was born. I'm fairly certain there is no cause and effect between these two historic events. But you can never be too sure.

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