Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cutting Out the Middle Man

Here's the routine. I decorate the tree with lights and various ornaments. Then the cats knock the ornaments off the tree and chase them about until they end up somewhere they can no longer reach. Or until they become bored with chasing them. Whichever comes first. At some point I become weary of placing the ornaments back on the tree and simply begin to put them away. This year, just for fun, whenever I found one of these Victorian floral balls lying about I popped them in the top of one of these candle holders on the coffee table. It has been days and the cats have not touched them! Neither of them has even attempted to knock these decorations off of their highly accessible perches! Based on this surprising development I have made a major decision concerning next year's holiday decor. Bypass the tree and place the ornaments directly on the coffee table. So there.

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