Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Long, Long Time Ago

In this galaxy. Not that one far, far away. I would not have realized that this was a Christmas pic if not for the message in the window. One advantage in having moved frequently while I was growing up is that I associate locations with how old I was. Making this our front yard in Aurora, Colorado, 1966. That's my first pair of glasses. Pink cat-eyes. Stylin'.

Skipping ahead to 1968, the family has relocated to Williston, ND. Note that the four of us are in the same positions from two years prior. At this time I have attained my full adult height. All my siblings will continue to grow. I could almost be used as a benchmark of sorts. Depending on my shoes. I'm in the back row with my brother Scott, Cullen and Martine are in front.

The following year we go absolutely crazy and switch up positions. Same house, and I want to say the same corner. Except there is a different picture on the wall to the left. Mom had a tendency to use nails that were already in the wall to hang pictures when we moved to a new place. And then never move them until we moved out. The tree was usually set up in the same place unless there had been some logistical problem with the location the previous year. Either way things are pretty darn crazy. Pictures moved, tree location moved, kid line-up changed. And we're in color! Crazy. 

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