Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Morning Grind

I am lazing about in bed. An ill wind is howling outside. I have music. I have my Chromebook and my phone. I have a cat. Newt would prefer that I get my ass up and give him his morning treats, but he's willing to stick around and give me not quite a cuddle just to keep an eye on me. Treats are, at this point, approximately two hours overdue. Theoretically, I could remain here all day. But I haven't had coffee. Want coooofffffeeeee! Which means I will have to get up after all. Twice in my life I have been fortunate enough to be with a man who brought me coffee in bed. In the hierarchy of virtues, this is the entire pyramid as far as I am concerned. So until the charmed number three man comes along to fill this niche I remain on coffee duty. Applications are currently being accepted. Previous professional barista experience preferred but not necessary. Scone baking and foot massage skills guarantee a quarterly bonus. No gum chewing in line, please.

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