Sunday, November 18, 2012


Internet surfing, soup eating, conversing with son, texting, wondering if I should wash my hair today or go with the ponytail, and listening to A Prairie Home Companion. At the same time. Resulting in the News From Lake Wobegon being distilled down to these three phrases:
*older people in their thirties and forties
*it was a short sermon
*the miracle of the meatballs
The first phrase seems to pretty clearly indicate that moi is at death's door. The second phrase is almost always a good thing, unless it happens to cut short your nap. A miracle involving meatballs brings to mind the miracle of the frybread. But that's due to the fact that I was giving my full attention to a recent viewing of the movie Smoke Signals. Which makes me grateful for writers like Sherman Alexie. And that there will be two more encore presentations of APHC today. Giving me, even if I must resort to the podcast, many opportunities to learn just what Mr. Keillor was talking about. Finally, if I'm wondering if I ought to wash my hair, I probably should.


Eclectic Bohemian said...

We females are EXCELLENT at multitasking! :)

Although, while attempting to text several people concurrently, I have mixed up recipients. BAD idea since I was complaining about one person and sent my complaints to the said subject! Oops.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Oops, indeed.

As far as multitasking goes, sometimes my corpus callosum is more functional, sometimes less. It also helps to be awake and not stressed. Which are at times mutually exclusive.

colleen said...

I tend to be significantly more stressed while asleep these days. Which definitely affects my ability to function optimally during the day.

As far as washing of the hair ... it falls pretty low on the list these days. Maybe we need to plan lunch sometime; Perhaps once my hair is both washed AND cut ... which conveniently means that I'm also in town! ; )

Bellona of Avalon said...

Have you made an appointment?

Call me so I'm not still in my jammies when you show up!