Friday, November 23, 2012

Homer According to Coen

Who woulda thunk that George Clooney could be funny. He wears a hair net when he sleeps to keep his dapper, carefully arranged coif in place. In my ongoing quest to expose Reid to movie comedies, earlier this evening we took in a viewing of Joel and Ethan Coen's reworking of Homer's epic, The Odyssey. More funny lines than you could fit in a bag of hammers. Just when you thought you remembered nothing of classic literature, the Sirens show up. Or John Goodman wearing an eyepatch doing business as the Cyclops. Beautifully filmed using a process that renders all colors muted to match the look and feel of Depression-era Mississippi. Makes me long to be bona fide and toss on a long linen dress in a soft focus pastel. I love how practically everyone wears a hat. Even the characters' names are hilarious. I dare you not to laugh when you hear Pete Hogwallop. Vernon T. Waldrip. I do agree with the blind prophet's warning, the treasure you seek is not the treasure you will find. True in the time of the ancient Greeks, true in 1930s America, true now wherever you happen to be. 

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