Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Geek Check

I have posted this diagram before. Venn? You might ask. June of 2011. When I felt like a dork. You will note that in June of last year as well as yesterday, Colleen has expressed the opinion that I am more of a geek. Now that I study the diagram, I would have to say that I agree. When dorkiness descended seventeen months ago it was due to a specific social situation. For everyday purposes I expect I'm more of a geek. But just in the area of movie trivia. And music minutiae. And how to bake the perfect pie. Occasionally a crossword puzzle. Is once a week, particularly Sunday, occasional? Sounds suspiciously regular to me. Okay, fine. Just click over to my profile and look at my interests. Geek, geek, geek. Check, check, check. But there I go obsessing again.

I wanted to title this post Geek Chic because I'm a sucker for an oddball rhyme. But then I would have had to write about something entirely different. I'm funny that way, how I like the title to have something to do with the content. Even if it only makes sense to me. 11-15-2012

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