Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visiting Grandad

I've been back from my trip to LaCrosse for two months! Which means I'm overdue in sharing my adventure with Sara on my second day there. We hit the high point in the area, Grandad Bluff. Offering vistas of the Mississippi flatlands only dreamed of at sea level.

Sara drove us up in the Land Rover. Do not be fooled by her sweet smile and gentle demeanor. She turns into a macho she-beast behind the wheel of this sporty, rugged vehicle.

I was there, too. We bumped into one of her co-workers who graciously took a few pics of us together. How traditionally touristy we look!

Genuine Wisconsin deer near the parking lot. We finished up the evening with dinner at the Pettibone Boat Club. We sat out on the patio with the Blue Bridge in view. I enjoyed the most delectable fried cheese in the entire state! And Spotted Cow beer, brewed and served only in Wisconsin. We moved indoors to finish our drinks as the sun was setting to escape the chill as well as overly friendly mosquitoes. Only to find an overly friendly geezer inside. Since Sara was driving, I downed the second half of my Spotted Cow expeditiously so that we could escape him. After a driving tour of downtown we headed back to Sara's. For more beer. And internet perusal. You haven't seen LaCrosse properly unless you're riding shotgun in a Land Rover. That's what I always say. Unless you see it from a boat on the Mississippi. Which is on the agenda for next time!

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