Tuesday, October 30, 2012

They're Back!

My fave holiday sweet is now available once more. And moi has possession of two bags! I wandered in JCP for over half an hour in a desperate attempt to spend the $10 coupon in my hot little hand. That would expire by week's end. May I state here and now that I am not fond of the new approach to retailing that JCP has embraced, starting with their new logo that seems to have been inspired by primary colored Lego bricks. I could not find one single item that I wanted, even with ten bucks off. Then I stumbled into the Christmas decoration area. Where there was a sizable display of Ghirardelli delectables. I very nearly swooned. Then grabbed two bags of Peppermint Bark and proceeded to the check-out. They presently sit on the kitchen counter within easy reach. Neither of them is open as yet. The question is, how long can I delay gratification?

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