Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Me. I Think...

You know, I'm all for giving full cooperation in providing proper ID when I go in to renew my driver's license. With the 19yo in tow, we arrived at the DPS office with paperwork clutched in hand. Birth certificates, USPS letters addressed to us, SS cards, current license and permit. But it wasn't enough. I hadn't visited the DPS for nearly a year so I was blissfully unaware that in order to take the driving test, you must call or go online to make an appointment. Okay, we have to come back once an appointment has been scheduled. But because I had a name change when I got married, I have to bring in the marriage license and the divorce decree to show the chain of custody of my own name. This is preposterous bordering on ludicrous! For one thing, they probably have the information right there in their database that establishes that I am who I am. Including the change of custody in my own freaking name. It seems to me that the documents I had along were sufficient to back that up. But since we have to go back anyway, on Friday at 2pm, I have decided to not gripe about it. I don't mind a little inconvenience for the security of all US citizens, but having to establish my marital surname is indeed same person as my maiden surname seems just a little above and beyond. They already have all that in my file in the clouds anyway!

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