Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Date Night

I consider myself fortunate among mothers in that my sons actually don't mind too much being seen in public with me. So tonight Reid and I went out for dinner. And what better way to instill some culture into a young man than to take him to a bar so he can hang out with some jazz musicians. Actually, it was much classier than that. The Pheasant Restaurant hosted the Jazz Diversity Project. So we had some great burgers, learned something about music history, and heard some absolutely outstanding jazz performed by five very fine musicians. I was happy to hear that Jeremy is working on the tuba section, maybe even considering throwing it out altogether. I always enjoy the left of left field conversations we engage in. The quiet of home is a blessing to return to after an evening out. It feels like a leave the windows open nearly summer night out there. Crickets and a light breeze. Hammock days will soon be upon us.

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