Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ten Things About Last Night

1. When you wear a cotton sweater out in the rain, it ends up feeling like you're wearing a very heavy, damp sponge.

2. It seems I was engaged for approximately 45 minutes but the bottle of congratulatory champagne did not appear so we called it off. Amicably, of course.

3. I love/hate it when a musician buddy says my name on mic for the entire bar to hear.

4. There was a Mr. BBN* sighting. It was his rear view, not his best side, which I am pretty certain he was deliberately presenting to me so as to avoid having to greet me while on his way past our table. I didn't realize it was him until he was out the door. Explaining me to the young woman he was holding hands with might have been awkward for him. Not for me, I was amused that he would go to such lengths to not speak to me. And even though he seems to be putting on a few extra pounds he is still insisting on tucking and belting. Sweetie, cut back on the onion rings or invest in some bigger pants. Pocket popping isn't a good look on anyone.

5. A very handsome man sat down next to me at The Paramount. Turns out we have the same birthday. I invited him to my as yet unplanned birthday party. Which would then become our birthday party. Or something.

6. The man mentioned in item #5 gave me just enough information. I have determined in pretty short order that despite the fact that he does not wear a ring that he is, indeed, married. Quite recently, too. Last August. I love the internet. In light of this discovery, I seriously doubt that he'll show up for the birthday celebration.

7. I'm making Karen a lemon tart for her birthday and she's bringing cupcakes for mine.

8. The first camping/biking trip has been planned for June!!

9. We all have handicaps. Some are just easier to hide than others.

10. The parking ramp began to feel like a Twilight Zone tilt-a-whirl while we were trying to get out of it. And why is it that I feel I must scrunch down while driving through one?

*Mr. Beautiful Beautiful Name

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