Monday, April 23, 2012

Erik and Me

In honor of my buddy Erik's birthday, which was two weeks ago, but, hey, it's still April, please adore this goofy photo of us. This hammock long ago bit the dust which means it has been just too damn long since we have seen each other. Erik and I have been the best of friends since we were teenagers. We're both weird, according to other people. We think we're just fine. And we're of Norwegian extraction, born of gloomy people from North Dakota. Here, I am telling Erik's fortune by feeling the bumps on his head. Maybe I'm just messing with his overly neat hair. I have a long history of hair-mussing. I generally just enjoy feeling the top of a guy's head. Even if I haven't been drinking Jagermeister. Which I no longer do. Don't ask.

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