Friday, March 30, 2012


The patio door is open. I hear at least a half dozen birds chirping out to establish their territories. Avian turf wars. Every couple of minutes I hear a car go by. There is a dog barking. Sounds like a large dog. Now another, smaller sounding dog has joined in. The lazy drone of an airplane rumbles in the distance and between the birds and dogs I hear cars on the interstate about a mile east of here. Outside is noisy. I need to remember that sound travels the other way, too, when I crank up the stereo and croon along with Norah Jones. It smells like spring. Damp. Rich. Lively. Green. Not quite a hammock evening, but close. I resolve to get in as much hammock and bike riding time as possible this spring and summer. It's good to have goals. Even better to have achievable ones. Achievable ones that are pleasant are the best.

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