Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Green Thumb

Truth be told, my thumb is still more brown than green. But I've kept these ferns and geraniums alive since October! The large window in the shop, aka the room at the end of the house, faces south and is ideal lightwise for overwintering plants. The geraniums are an experiment. I brought them in after they spent six months in deck pots in the back yard. Yes, Martine, these are the geraniums I purchased at Home Depot last May when you were here! Remember the duck in the parking lot? I've been watering them sparingly and turning the container for equal opportunity sun exposure. A couple of them have bloomed! This week I'll cut them back so they'll have the next eight or so weeks to bush out before they go back outside. The ferns were just for fun. I got them for ten cents each on clearance last September. Ferns are supposed to be good plants for creating healthy indoor air. Since they're in the same room as the litter boxes I thought it couldn't hurt.