Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Green!

When the deceptively human appearing alien asks Scotty what it is they are about to drink, he famously replies, it's green! Wish I could type that in a highly exaggerated Scottish brogue. Please try to hear it that way. Of course Scotty first attempts to say where the liquor is from, but is too inebriated to pronounce much of anything so instead confidently informs us what color it is. Although as a child watching this episode it was all in shades of gray. We were watching Star Trek on a black and white tv set. But we trusted Scotty not only in his color interpretation, but also in the fact that he would, indeed, soon drink the alien under the table. And all I have to say about today's post is that like Scotty's unpronounceable booze, it is most definitely suited for this month's green theme.

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